how to get dog smell out of blankets?

Pets bring joy, laughter, and affection into our lives. However, they can also leave behind unpleasant odors on their bedding and blankets. Luckily, with the right odor removal products, you can keep these items smelling fresh. Continue reading to find out how to eliminate dog odors from blankets and bedding.

Why Do Bedding and Blankets Get Pet Odors?

Bedding and blankets can acquire pet odors due to several factors, such as:

  •  Urine: Animals, particularly dogs, often urinate on their bedding or blankets within their kennels or crates, resulting in strong odors.
  •  Hair: Hairs that fall out and carry sweat and bacteria can build up on bed linens, leading to unpleasant smells.
  •  Dirt: When your pet goes outdoors, they may bring in dirt and debris that produce odors.
  •  Hygiene: If you don’t wash your pet frequently, their sweat and bacteria can spread to your linens.

Pet odors can be noticeable throughout the year, but they tend to be more prominent in the summer. High humidity can intensify smells like urine, and your pet typically sheds and sweats more in the heat.

how to get dog smell out of blankets

how to get dog smell out of blankets

Here are some ways to remove dog smell from blankets:

Wash frequently

Wash blankets every two weeks or more to keep them fresh.

Add baking soda

When washing blankets, add about half a cup of baking soda to the wash along with your regular detergent to help neutralize odors.

Dry in the dryer

Use the highest heat setting and a bedding or bulk setting to kill odor-causing bacteria. You can also add one or two wool dryer balls to help the fabric dry faster and fluff up.

Use vinegar

Dilute vinegar with some water in a spray bottle and spray on the blankets. You can also combine vinegar with baking soda for extra odor elimination power.

Use a fabric refresher

A fabric refresher like Febreze Pet Fabric Refresher can eliminate odors and leave a fresh scent.

Use an air purifier


An air purifier traps airborne particles like pet dander, dust, and pollen to remove odor-causing particles from the air.

Why Does My Dog Pee on His Blanket?

While dogs might occasionally have accidents, regularly urinating on their blankets might point to a behavioral or medical problem. Although dogs mark their territory by urinating, they generally avoid peeing where they sleep. If you often discover urine on your dog’s bed or blanket, it’s wise to consult your veterinarian. Your dog could be experiencing incontinence or another health issue. If the cause is emotional distress or a behavioral problem, the vet can provide advice on how to handle it.

Preparing for Washing

Before you begin washing bedding and blankets to remove pet odors, you should prepare your linens for the washing machine by taking these steps:

  • Go outdoors to remove any pet hair or dander that can be shaken off.
  • Examine the labels on the bedding to find any specific washing directions.
  • Examine the bedding for any visible stains and smell different areas to identify if there are any particularly unpleasant odors.
  • Dust the stains with baking soda, then spray them with a mixture of one cup of water and two parts vinegar. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.
  • Apply  Fresh Wave Laundry Booster Apply to areas with odors and let the linens rest for an additional 10 minutes.

Washing Bedding and Blankets with Pet Odors

Always consult the care instruction tags before washing dog blankets and bedding. While the following guidelines are generally applicable to most linens, some blankets and bedding may require adjustments in wash temperature or a specific type of detergent. Here are the basic instructions to get you started:

  • Place the blankets in the washing machine, making sure to spread them evenly to maintain balance in the drum.
  • Adjust the washing machine to the heavy soil or bedding option.
  • Choose hot water for the temperature.
  • Use a premium detergent that suits your preference.
  • Add two capfuls of Fresh Wave Laundry Booster to the wash or rinse cycle. This plant-based formula effectively removes odors and leaves a natural, pleasant scent derived from botanicals, avoiding the use of harsh chemical fragrances.

How Often Should You Wash Your Blankets?

how to get dog smell out of blankets

Knowing how to remove urine odors from blankets and address other pet smells on linens is just the beginning. To maintain fresh-smelling bedding, it’s important to wash these items regularly. For optimal results, aim to launder your bedding and blankets every two weeks. However, if you detect odors earlier or if your pet has had a particularly dirty day outdoors, consider washing them sooner.

Drying Your Bedding and Blankets

Drying your pet’s bedding and blankets in the dryer is the most effective way to control odors. Here’s the process to follow:

  • Set the dryer to the maximum heat setting to eliminate any remaining bacteria that cause odors.
  • If your dryer offers an option for bedding or bulk, select that setting.
  • Add one or two wool dryer balls to fluff the fabric and speed up the drying process for the bedding.

When the timer goes off, examine if the bedding is fully dry. Thick bedding might require additional drying cycles to eliminate all moisture. Avoid placing damp bedding back on your bed or your pet’s bed, as it can lead to mildew formation.

Maintaining Freshness

Besides washing your bedding every two weeks, consider these tips to maintain its freshness in the future:

  • Regularly bathe your pet using plant-based, non-toxic products. Fresh Wave Dog Shampoo  .
  • On muddy days, use a damp cloth to clean your pet’s paws when they come inside from being outdoors.
  • Protect your bed from accidents by using a waterproof mattress cover.
  • Once a month, clean hard surfaces in beds, crates, and kennels using a cloth moistened with Fresh Wave Laundry Booster. After the initial cleaning, go over the surfaces again with a cloth dampened only with warm water.
  • Place Fresh Wave Gel for Eliminating Odors near your bed or stick Fresh Wave Pods That Eliminate Odors near pet beds.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your washing machine’s interior by regularly wiping it with Fresh Wave Laundry Booster.

Get On Your Way to Fresher Pet Bedding

Properly prewashing, washing, and drying linens can remove unpleasant smells, and with regular maintenance, you can prevent them from coming back. The secret is to use top-notch products like Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators, which use plant-based ingredients to neutralize odor-causing compounds instead of just covering them up with artificial fragrances.

How do you handle pet smells in your house? Share your advice and experiences in the comments section below.

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