why does my cat follow me to the bathroom


why does my cat follow me to the bathroom

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?

Cats require alone time when using their litter box, yet they appear to think you require companionship when using the toilet! It may seem odd that your cat enjoys sitting on your lap while you’re on the toilet, but this is actually their way of expressing affection towards you. They are aware that they will have your undivided attention and simply want to enjoy that special time with you.

It is crucial to understand that your cat needs privacy when using their litter box. This is not because they are overly particular, but rather because they want to feel safe. Cats feel exposed and at risk in these situations, so a covered litter box provides them with a sense of security. On the contrary, you do not require this additional level of safety, which is why your cat believes it is acceptable to accompany you to the bathroom.


Understanding Cat Behavior

As cat owners, we often find ourselves pondering over the strange and sometimes amusing behavior of our feline friends. It is not uncommon for our cats to follow us around the house, seeking our company and attention. But have you ever wondered why your cat, in particular, follows you to the bathroom? In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this peculiar feline behavior.

Bond between Cats and Humans

Before we delve into the reasons behind your cat’s bathroom companionship, it’s essential to understand the unique bond between cats and humans. Unlike dogs, who are pack animals with an inherent desire for social interaction, cats are more solitary creatures. However, over centuries of domestication, cats have become increasingly attached to their human companions. This strong bond is often showcased by their constant need to be around us, even in our most private moments.

The bond between cats and humans can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, cats are naturally curious creatures, and their fascination with our daily activities drives them to follow us around the house. Secondly, cats are highly attuned to their owners’ emotions, and they often seek comfort and security in our presence. Lastly, cats are habitual animals and thrive in a routine-based environment. So, when we consistently visit the bathroom at certain times, they develop a sense of familiarity and feel the need to accompany us.

Feline Bathroom Habits

Before we dive into why your cat might follow you to the bathroom, let’s take a closer look at feline bathroom habits in general.

Firstly, cats are highly territorial animals, and their marking behavior plays a significant role in establishing and maintaining their territory. By following you to the bathroom, your cat is essentially marking you and the space as part of their territory. This behavior is instinctual and stems from their wild ancestors, who used scent marking to communicate with each other.

In addition to marking their territory, cats also have a strong sense of curiosity. They are naturally drawn to closed doors and confined spaces, as they perceive them as potential hiding spots or cozy areas. Therefore, your bathroom, with its closed door and limited access, piques your cat’s curiosity, prompting them to follow you inside.

Moreover, cats are creatures of habit, and they thrive on routine. When you consistently visit the bathroom at certain times, your cat associates that specific routine with the potential for interaction, playtime, or even treats. Consequently, they become more inclined to join you during your bathroom visits.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me to the Bathroom?

Now that we have a better understanding of cat behavior and their bathroom habits, let’s explore the possible reasons why your cat may choose to be your bathroom buddy.

Social Bonding and Attention

Cats are social animals, even if they are more independent compared to dogs. When your cat follows you to the bathroom, it could be a simple display of their desire for social interaction and bonding. They enjoy being close to their owners and seek attention, even in the most private areas.

For many cats, their owner’s bathroom visit presents an opportunity for undivided attention. While you may be occupied with your own tasks, your cat sees this as a chance to engage with you. They might meow, rub against your legs, or even try to jump onto your lap to elicit your attention and affection. It is their way of saying, “Hey, I’m here, and I value our time together!”

Curiosity and Exploration

Cats are natural explorers, and they are endlessly curious about their surroundings. When they see you heading towards the bathroom, they are intrigued by this mysterious space that they are typically not allowed to access freely.

Once inside, your cat may engage in various exploratory behaviors. They might inspect the surroundings, sniff the air, or investigate the cabinets and drawers. The bathroom offers a whole new environment for them to explore, with interesting scents and textures that intrigue their innate curiosity.

Maintaining Their Territory

As mentioned earlier, cats are territorial animals, and they use scent marking as a way to establish and maintain their territory. When your cat follows you to the bathroom, they are essentially marking you and the space with their scent. It is their way of claiming you as a part of their territory and reaffirming their bond with you.

Cats have scent glands located on various parts of their bodies, including their cheeks, paws, and tails. By rubbing against you or the objects in the bathroom, they are depositing their scent and leaving their mark. This behavior provides them with a sense of comfort, security, and familiarity in their environment.

Seeking Security and Support

Cats are known for their ability to sense our emotions and respond to them. When you retreat to the bathroom, especially during moments of stress or sadness, your cat may follow you to offer comfort and support.

By curling up beside you or purring gently, your cat provides emotional support during times of vulnerability. Their presence has a calming effect and can help alleviate anxiety or provide a sense of solace. Cats have a unique intuition when it comes to their owners’ emotional well-being, and their desire to be with you in the bathroom stems from this innate ability.


Does my cat like routine?

The consistency of your bathroom habits is likely one of the most dependable aspects of your daily life. If you are someone who values routine, it may bring comfort to your cat to witness you engage in familiar activities such as brushing your teeth, using the toilet, or showering at approximately the same time each day. Your cat accompanies you to the bathroom because they desire to participate in this daily ritual with you.

Your cat might also accompany you into the bathroom because they link your daily activities with something else. For instance, your cat might have realized that you always feed them after your morning shower. Similarly, after you brush your teeth in the evening, they may recognize that it’s time for bedtime treats and affection.

why does my cat follow me to the bathroom

Why does my cat follow me to the shower?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand the reasons behind the strange actions of our furry companions. It may seem perplexing when your cat accompanies you into the bathroom or insists on being with you in the shower, considering that cats typically dislike water. However, their fascination with water should not be underestimated. The sight of a running faucet or shower can pique their curiosity. They might enjoy playing with the flowing water, or even dipping their paws in a filled bathtub.

If you shut the door, your curious cat will likely become even more interested. It is highly possible that your cat will eagerly join you in the bathroom and may even sit on the bathtub edge while you shower or bathe. View it as your cat’s way of trying to strengthen your bond by wanting to be involved in your activities.


 Is my cat thirsty?

Cats generally prefer to drink water that is flowing rather than water that is still. This may explain why your cat often accompanies you when you go to the bathroom. They might be thirsty and enjoy drinking from a running faucet. It is perfectly fine to allow your cat to do this, but it is important to ensure that they have ample water available when the faucet is not running.

Investing in drinking fountains for your pet is always a wise choice. However, it can be concerning if your cat starts consuming more water than usual. Since cats receive a significant amount of moisture from their food, increased thirst might indicate an underlying sickness. If you are concerned about your cat’s excessive water intake, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.


Does my cat hate closed doors?

It is typical for cats to dislike encountering closed doors. Your cat may accompany you to the bathroom because they are aware that if they are not fast enough, you will shut the door. Cats perceive closed doors as a challenge and do not enjoy being separated from the other side.

If you own a cat, you are most likely aware that it is not advisable to lock them out of the bathroom. Your cat will become upset and will try everything possible to get inside, which will disturb your peace. If you choose to train your cat to stay out of the bathroom, it is important to consistently keep the door closed.


Does my cat want to spend time with me?

Your cat may accompany you into the bathroom because they have deep affection for you and desire constant companionship. Despite being independent creatures, cats develop strong connections with their owners and may feel a sense of longing when separated. Therefore, it is not unexpected that your feline friend enjoys following you from room to room, including into the bathroom.

However, it is important to distinguish between love and separation anxiety because some cats can experience the latter. If your cat is defecating outside their litter tray, excessively clinging to you, or showing signs of anxiety when you are away for an extended period of time, these behaviors may indicate separation anxiety in cats. If you notice any of these symptoms in your feline companion and are concerned about their well-being, it is recommended to seek advice from a veterinarian.

As a person who takes care of cats, it is important to discuss the potential issue of separation anxiety with the owners of the cat you are taking care of. Familiarize yourself with the signs of this condition and know who to reach out to if the cat, referred to as Mr. Whiskers, appears to be excessively stressed when his owners are not around.


Why does my cat want in the bathroom? 

You may never completely comprehend the reason why your cat always wants to accompany you into the bathroom. It could be because they dislike being separated from you, or maybe they are jealous of a part of the house they can’t access. It could also be that your cat is just curious or it could just be its typical stubbornness. After all, haven’t we all experienced our cat meowing to go out, only to hear them whining to be let back in moments later?

No matter the cause, it is important to value the fact that your cat accompanies you in the bathroom to be with you. Although it may be bothersome occasionally, your cat likely perceives the bathroom as a pleasant environment. Sitting on your lap when you use the toilet means constant affection. Bath time entails playing with bubbles and water. And sitting by the sink while you groom yourself allows them to be close to their beloved human.



While the act of your cat following you to the bathroom may seem peculiar, it is rooted in their natural instincts and a desire for social interaction. Whether it’s seeking attention, exploring new environments, or marking their territory, cats have their reasons for accompanying us during these private moments.

As cat owners, it’s crucial to understand and appreciate our feline companions’ behaviors, even if they sometimes invade our personal space. Embrace the bond you share with your cat, and remember that their bathroom visits are driven by their love and attachment to you as their cherished human companion.

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