ark naturals brushless toothpaste

What is Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste for Dogs?

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste is a dental chew designed specifically for dogs. It supports dental health by cleaning teeth and gums. The chew has a toothpaste center that fights plaque and tartar. It helps prevent dental issues and promotes fresh breath. This innovative formula offers a practical solution for maintaining your dog's oral hygiene.

Overview of Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste is a dental chew for dogs. It combines natural ingredients with a toothpaste center. The chew effectively cleans teeth and gums. It targets plaque and tartar. With a unique formula, it supports fresh breath and overall oral health. The product is easy to administer. Ideal for daily dental care.

Benefits of using Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste helps fight plaque and tartar buildup. It also freshens breath with natural ingredients like cinnamon and clove. The dental chew cleans teeth and gums effectively. It promotes overall oral health. Easy to use, it's an excellent addition to any dog's dental care routine.

Details ark naturals brushless toothpaste

ark naturals brushless toothpaste

  • This dental care product offers four benefits in one. Its special texture assists in combating plaque and tartar, while its ridges support the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.
  • The toothpaste-filled chewy center assists in cleaning and polishing your pup's teeth.
  • Chewing daily and using aromatic spices keep breath fresh.
  • You can give your dog a maximum of 2 brushless chews each day.
  • Meticulously made in the USA.

Assist your furry friend in maintaining overall health with Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Small Gluten-Free Dental Dog Treats. These dental treats are made with genuine dental ingredients, providing visible and noticeable benefits.

—No more bad breath! While your furry friend happily chews away, this treat takes care of the cleaning. Each one features a special texture that helps reduce plaque and tartar, ridges that clean along your dog’s gumline, and pleasant spices that freshen their breath.

These 4-in-1 dental chews feature a chewy toothpaste center that helps polish your dog's teeth! You can give your pet up to two of these brushless chews daily to aid in preventing plaque, tartar, and bad breath.



 Item Number   1193854 
 Season   N/A 
 Sourced From   Various 
 Made In   United States 
 Lifestage   All Lifestages, Adult 
 Breed Size   Medium Breeds, Small Breeds 
 Food Form   Treats 
 Special Diet   Gluten Free 

Nutritional Information


Ingredients include rice flour, honey, water (used in processing), glycerin, canola oil, gelatin, dried cultured whey, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, lecithin, salt, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, flax oil (stabilized with mixed tocopherols), cinnamon, natural flavor, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, clove, alfalfa, vanilla, glucose oxidase, and sodium pyrophosphate.

Caloric Content

3,044 kcal/kg, 30 kcal/piece 

Guaranteed Analysis

 Crude Protein   5.0% min 
 Crude Fat   5.0% min 
 Crude Fiber   2.0% max 
 Moisture   20.0% max 
 Ascorbic Acid   750mg/kg 

Feeding Instructions

For dogs weighing between 8 and 20 pounds: To achieve optimal results, we suggest giving your dog two chews per day as part of their dental care routine, similar to daily tooth brushing. Suitable for dogs aged 12 weeks and older.

Always adhere to the instructions on the package, and ensure you choose the appropriate size for your pet. This product is designed for occasional or supplementary feeding and should not replace your dog's daily nutritional requirements.

How to Use Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Start by giving your dog one dental chew each day. Ensure the dog chews thoroughly for maximum effectiveness. Always have fresh water available. For best results, use consistently. Observe your dog to ensure proper chewing and no swallowing of large pieces. Regular use helps maintain clean teeth and fresh breath.

Instructions for administeringArk Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Start by giving one dental chew daily to the dog. Make sure the dog chews it thoroughly. Always have fresh water available. For best results, use consistently. Monitor the dog to ensure it does not swallow large pieces. Regular practice helps maintain oral hygiene and fresh breath.

Tips for introducing Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste to your dog

ark naturals brushless toothpaste

Start slowly by offering the dental chew as a treat. Ensure the dog is calm and in a positive environment. Praise and reward after chewing. Gradually incorporate it into the daily routine. Observe the dog for any adverse reactions. Consistency is key for them to get accustomed. Be patient and gentle throughout the process.

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Flavors

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste comes in various flavors to entice dogs. Popular options include cinnamon, vanilla, and clove. Each flavor is infused with natural breath-freshening ingredients. They aim to make dental care more enjoyable for pets. By offering different tastes, it caters to diverse canine preferences while supporting oral health.

Variety of flavors available for Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste offers several enticing flavors. Popular choices include cinnamon, vanilla, and clove. These flavors attract dogs, making dental care easier. Each option contains natural breath-freshening ingredients. By providing a variety, they cater to different taste preferences. This ensures a positive experience for both pets and their owners.

Popular flavor choices and their benefits

Popular flavors include cinnamon, vanilla, and clove. Cinnamon helps reduce bacteria and inflammation. Vanilla provides a sweet taste that appeals to dogs. Clove is known for its natural antiseptic properties. Each flavor not only appeals to dogs' palates but also offers specific health benefits, making oral care more effective and enjoyable.

Ingredients in Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste features natural components. Ingredients include chlorophyll, cinnamon, vanilla, and clove. These elements not only clean teeth but also freshen breath. Additionally, they help reduce plaque and tartar. The ridges on the chews enhance the scrubbing of teeth and support gum health. This makes it effective for dental hygiene in dogs.

Natural ingredients used in Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste includes only natural ingredients. It uses alfalfa, which fights bacteria. Cinnamon is added for its anti-inflammatory properties. Vanilla provides a pleasing flavor. Clove helps reduce plaque and tartar. These components work together to promote dental health and freshen a dog's breath.

Effectiveness of the ingredients in promoting dental health

The ingredients in Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste are highly effective. Alfalfa combats bacteria, while cinnamon reduces inflammation. Vanilla ensures a pleasant taste, and clove helps to trim plaque and tartar. Together, these natural components work to maintain a clean mouth and fresh breath for dogs, contributing to their overall dental health.

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste vs. Traditional Dog Toothpaste

Traditional dog toothpaste involves manual brushing. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste simplifies the process. It combines a tasty chew with dental care. Natural ingredients help clean teeth and freshen breath. Dogs find it enjoyable and stress-free. Pet owners save time and energy, making it a convenient choice for maintaining their dog's dental health.

Comparison between Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste and traditional dog toothpaste

Traditional dog toothpaste involves manual brushing and can be time-consuming. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste combines a tasty chew with a built-in dental care system. It offers a stress-free experience for both dogs and owners. The natural ingredients help keep teeth clean and breath fresh, eliminating the need for a toothbrush.

Advantages of using Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste combines dental care with a tasty treat. Its unique texture helps remove plaque and tartar. The chew also freshens breath and supports overall oral health. With natural ingredients, it offers a safe and convenient alternative to traditional brushing techniques. Dogs enjoy it, making dental care easier for owners.


Why does Brushless - ToothPaste contain the ingredients Stay C and Citric Acid?

Stay C, a patented form of vitamin C, is known for its high stability. Scientific research indicates that it plays a crucial role in helping to prevent further tooth decay. The same protective effects can be attributed to Citric Acid.

Is the glycerin plant or animal based?

Plant based. 


Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste offers numerous benefits for canine oral health. It effectively reduces plaque and tartar while freshening breath. Pet owners appreciate the convenience and their dogs love the taste. Using natural ingredients, it's a safe choice. Overall, it's a highly recommended solution for maintaining a dog's dental hygiene.

Summary of the benefits of Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste effectively reduces plaque and tartar, promoting healthier gums. It freshens breath with natural ingredients like chlorophyll and clove. The chewy texture makes dental care enjoyable for dogs. It supports oral immune health and maintains polished teeth. Pet owners find it convenient and dogs love the taste.

Recommendation for pet owners to try Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste

Pet owners should consider trying Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste for a convenient and effective dental solution. It reduces plaque and tartar before they build up. The natural ingredients promote fresh breath and healthy gums. Dogs love the tasty chews, making dental care enjoyable. It's an easy addition to any pet's health routine.

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