no hide dog chews comprehensive review

no hide dog chews 

Here's something worth getting excited about: a healthier, superior alternative to Rawhide. No-Hide™ Chews revolutionize dog treats. Upholding our core values, we demand excellence and refuse to compromise. We were fed up with low-quality ingredients and harmful chemicals, which is why we developed No-Hide™. They are among the first chews of their kind, completely free of Hide!

No-Hide™ Chews are genuinely durable and ideal for large and giant breed dogs that enjoy chewing for extended periods. They are easily digestible, crafted to ensure your dog's pleasure and your peace of mind. Due to popular demand, we introduced an 11" chew for more vigorous chewers. The chicken is meticulously rolled, cooked, and distinctively dried, resulting in a unique chew your dog will adore!

No-Hide™ Chews are crafted from American farm-raised chicken without any added hormones, steroids, or chemicals. These chews redefine what dog treats can be. We recommend that you supervise your dog whenever they're enjoying No-Hides or any chew. Always watch your furry friend while they indulge in their treat!

MEDIUM DOGS (15-45lbs) - 4" NO-HIDE CHEW
Large Dogs (45-75 lbs) - 7-inch Hide Chew
Giant Breed+ (75+lbs) - 11" No-Hide Chew
Calories Per Unit: 11″ Chew-418

The completely pure, natural chicken chews are highly digestible, nutritious, and contain absolutely no chemicals or additives. We are confident your dog will enjoy them.

Ingredients for no-hide dog chews

no hide dog chews


Chicken, vegetable gelatin, brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, and bromelain (derived from pineapple).


Salmon, vegetable gelatin, brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, and bromelain (pineapple).


Here are the ingredients: Beef, vegetable gelatin, brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, and bromelain (from pineapples). Venison is also included.

Venison, vegetable gelatin, brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, and bromelain derived from pineapple.

ANALYSIS No Hide Dog Chews 


Crude Protein (Min)......70% 

Crude Fat (Min)......2% 

Crude Fiber (Max)......13% 

Moisture (Max)......2% 


4-inch = 152 

7-inch = 266 

11-inch = 418 


Crude Protein (Min)......70% 

Crude Fat (Min)......2% 

Crude Fiber (Max)......13% 

Moisture (Max)......2% 


Crude Protein (Min)......55% 

Crude Fat (Min)......5% 

Crude Fiber (Max)......17% 

Moisture (Max)......2% 


4" - 151 

7" - 264 

11" - 414 


Minimum Crude Protein: 47%

Minimum of 5% crude fat

Crude Fiber..........Maximum 2% 

The moisture content must not exceed 13%.


Q: What is the sourcing of the Beef, Chicken, Salmon and Pork in The No-Hides? 

no hide dog chews

The beef, chicken, and pork in No-Hides are all obtained from humanely-raised animals in the US. The salmon used is entirely wild-caught, generally from the North Atlantic. We strictly avoid using factory-farmed animals or fish.

Q: Where are No-Hides made? 

A: No-Hides are crafted in the sprawling farmlands of Lancaster County, PA, inside a small food processing facility. Dedicated workers meticulously blend, bake, and package them, adding a personal touch to each step.

Q: How did you test the Digestibility of No-Hides? 

A third-party facility affiliated with the Oklahoma State Veterinary School conducted tests on No-Hides. An In-Vitro study was performed, comparing rawhide and No-Hide using scientific equivalents of stomach and intestinal fluids. The findings revealed that No-Hides are, on average, 80% digestible in an animal's system, whereas rawhide is only about 18% digestible.

Q: Is there Sodium or Sugar in our No-Hide Chews? 

We don't include any sodium (salt) or sugar in our No Hide Chews.

Q: What is the Carbohydrate Content of No Hide?

Beef 7% 

Chicken 5% 

Salmon 11% 

Q: Can I give my puppy No-Hides? 

Certainly! Here is a paraphrased version of the provided paragraph: A: Yes, No Hide Chews are suitable for teething puppies. We suggest that all dogs and puppies should be watched while they are chewing any kind of treat. Furthermore, it's important to give them a No-Hide Chew that is the right size for their body.

Q: How long will a No-Hide Chew last? 

The duration varies based on the No-Hide size chosen (11 inch, 7 inch, 4 inch), the size of the dog, and its chewing behaviors. On average, it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, this can change depending on the dog's jaw strength and individual chewing habits.

Q: Do No-Hides stain carpets? 

no hide dog chews

When the coating on No-Hides gets wet, it could potentially stain light-colored carpets. To avoid this, you might want to have your dog chew on tile or wood floors, or give the No-Hide to your dog while it is in its crate. This can also help your dog develop a positive connection with being in the crate. Alternatively, you can train your dog to chew on a mat or towel, which can be easily washed if needed.

Q: How do I store No-Hides? 

Store in a cool, dry place until you're ready to give it to your dog. If the No-Hide chews have been used and dampened, they should also be kept in a cool, dry location until you're ready to give the remaining portion to your dog.

Q:Can I leave my Dog with No-Hides unattended? Do they need to be given under supervision? 

Sure, here's a paraphrased version of the paragraph: Here are some crucial tips and details for creating the safest setting for your cherished pets to enjoy their various chews and No-Hides.

Watch out for the occasional dog that chooses to "unroll" the No-Hide. If your dog does this and simply tears off and eats small pieces, it generally shouldn't be an issue. However, if your dog attempts to swallow large, flat pieces of the No-Hide, make sure they are not gulping them down.

It's important to know that dogs can't "chew" the way humans do. Unlike us, they lack flat molars that grind food down into smaller pieces. Dogs don't have flat teeth and their jaws don't move side to side, so they either gnaw by scraping the sides of larger items or shift food to their sharp back teeth to mash it a few times before swallowing. Therefore, when picking the right-sized chew for your dog, it's safer and more suitable to choose one that is larger than their mouth.

Always remember that anything a dog puts in its mouth can pose a choking hazard. It's crucial to supervise your dog whenever they are given treats or chews of any kind, such as No-Hide, real bones, bully sticks, pig's ears, Greenies, or even cookies. If you cannot supervise your dog, it's best to wait until you can be present to give them their chew. Dogs known for gulping or aggressive chewing should be monitored closely when they have a chew, and if they don't improve their chewing habits, they may need to avoid chews altogether.

Q: I think my dog swallowed a No-Hide whole in one gulp. What should I do? 

Sure, here's a paraphrased version: A: Whenever a dog ingests something without chewing, the main worry is to ensure the item isn't stuck in the dog's throat. Here are some signs to look out for to assess the situation:

Is your dog breathing normally, generally alert, moving around as usual, and relaxed?


Is your dog gasping or choking, standing rigidly with their neck extended forward, or swallowing repeatedly and with difficulty?

If your dog appears calm and usual, it's probably that the object isn't stuck in his throat. Therefore, your main worry should be digestion. Since No-Hide is crafted from human-grade ingredients, it should start to digest smoothly once in the stomach. Be vigilant for any odd signs, but we don't anticipate any issues.

If your dog is choking, struggling to breathe, or showing signs of distress, and you believe it is safe to do so, you can try to feel for and remove the object from your dog's mouth. If you cannot remove the object or do not feel comfortable putting your hand in your dog's mouth, it's crucial to take your dog to the veterinarian right away.

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